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"On the evening of 8th October 2014, students of FIS organized an Orientation meeting for FIS’s freshmen. This is a traditional event held annually at the beginning of each school year to welcome the newcomers."Read more...


Most of our high schools and colleges are not preparing students to become innovators. To succeed in the 21st-century economy, students must learn to analyze and solve problems, collaborate, persevere, take calculated risks and learn from failure. Read more...
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Connection Hanoi University specializes in language teaching including English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Previously known as the Hanoi University of Foreign Studies, the university also offers International Studies  Read more...


L'Espace - Centre Culturel Francais de Hanoi-French Government sponsored cultural mission in Hanoi
24 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Inside this area, lot of exciting cultural events & exhibitions and cultural exchange take place.
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Volunteer of International Studies: "A visit to Hanoi Orphan Village" Some women, though not saying it out loud, always pour their hearts to care for the children of others as if they were their own. Located deep in the alleys of Phu My Hamlet, My Dinh, TuLiem, Hanoi, Ha Noi Child Care Center for the Orphan and Malnourished is one big shelter for the unfortunate kids. It was the carefree and innocent look in their eyes that left us with an extremely strong impression and emotion. Read more...



Rapid economic growth in Vietnam over the last ten years, and its associated industrialization, urbanization, as well as increased exploitation of natural resources, has created significant pressures for the environment.   Read more...
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"Maybe tomorrow, we will still meet each other again, but it won't be in the same context, nor with the same people. However, the most important thing is you still remember today, remember what you've had together, More...

The Kick off Party 2012 : More...

Vietnamese Teacher's Day 2012 : More...


  • The University of Gothenburg -Sweden

    The University of Gothenburg is one of the major universities in northern Europe

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  • The University of California, US

    As of 2011, the University of California has a combined student body of 234,464 students, 18,896 faculty, 189,116 staff members, and over 1,600,000 living alumni

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    The University of Palermo is a university located in Palermo, Italy, and founded in 1806. It is organized in 12 Faculties.

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    The University of Queensland is a research-intensive institution in the top 1% of universities world-wide

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10 years anniversary of Faculty of International Studies More...

UK-VIETNAM, Vision 2020

Date: 8h30-12h00 Wednesday 16January 2013; Venue: Room 902 Building C, Hanoi UniversityRead more »

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As Dean of the Faculty of International Studies, Hanoi University, may I extend a very warm welcome to you and invite your excursion into our innovative and exciting programs.More....

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